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Delivery Information

Delivery information

For the Netherlands Treasure Depot tries to deliver the purchased merchandise within 4 working days after full payment is received.
Costumers will be notified in case more time is needed.

Costumers outside the Netherlands will be informed about delivery time.
When you want to purchase an item larger than 100cm we will check for the best shipping possibility and send you an offer.
In this case kindly select the option “pick up from store” when checking out.

At the moment it is not possible to send mail and parcels to certain countries.
Countries around the world are taking measures due to the coronavirus that may affect logistical processes.

In addition to delays in many destinations, some countries are updating their processes to minimise contact between deliverer and recipient during pick up and drop off.
This can mean that they no longer request a signature for receipt, and the shipment is simply delivered.
It also may be the case that routes into certain countries become unavailable.
To some countries there is an extra delivery fee.
If you can't apply shipping costs, kindly send us an email and we will quote shipping costs to your destination.