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Glass ceiling lamp from the 1950's.The shade is 35x35cm and the height is 17cm.Pastel blue and yellow with golden decorations.In excellent condition.The lamp holds 2 large bulbs (E27)..
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Table lamp made of brass and plastic.The plastic ribbed curved shade has little brass studs decorations.The height is 29cm, diameter is 13cm.In excellent condition.The lamp holds 1 bajonet fitting, 1 bulb is provided...
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1950's perfume lamp owl 1950's perfume lamp owl
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Cute little owl sitting on a book.Made of porcelain with beautiful glaze.The height is 20cm, width and depth is 10cm.In excellent condition, there is a little spot, I don't know if that is a fleabite or just a spot with no colored glaze.Please see picture...
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Wall lamp made of gold and silver colored metal holder with a white plastic shade.The height is 23cm, wisth is 10cm and depth is 15cm.In good condition...
75.00€ Ex Tax:75.00€
1950's wall lamp made of black and gold colored metal with white plastic shade.The height is 29cm, width is 14cm and depth is 16cm.Bajonet fitting, 1 bulb is provided.The lamp is in excellent condition..
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Set of 2 wall lamps.Made of glass clear and pastel yellow  colored with brass details.The height is 22cm, width is 17cm and depth is 7cm.In excellent condition...
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Large cascade lamp from the 1960's.5 metal lamps with their original glass bulbs.The lamps each are 27cm in length.The height as on the picture is 120cm.The lamps can hang at any desired height.In excellent condition, the metal might show a little bit patina. ..
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Hanging lamp made in the sixties.Gold colored metal with thick glass.The lamp holds 3 large fitting bulbs (E27)The diameter is 44cm, the height incl the top pipe is 26cm.Minor signs of age / use..
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Table lamp made of chrome and 2 glass shades.Both arms are partly flexible to move in any direction.The shades are made of satin glass with black and red decorations.The height is 72cm and the diameter of the base is 18cm.In excellent condition except for some minor patina on the foot, see picture...
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Cute little lamp from the 1960's.The base is made of metal and plastic black.The shade is made of glass.The height is 22cm, wisth is 8cm and depth is 12cm.In excellent condition...
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Wall lamp from the 1960's made of wood, metal and glass with brass details.The height is 18cm, depth is 19cm and width is 12cm.In mint condition...
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Wall lamp made of wood, metal and etched glass.The shade can be attached in different ways, see pictures.The height is 34cm, with is 20cm and depth is 13cm.In excellent condition...
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