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Table lamp set bedside lamps Table lamp set bedside lamps
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Set of 2 bedside / table lampsThe base is made of wood, the shades glass.The height is 24cm, the diameter is 16cm.Both lamps in great condition...
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Set of 2 table lamps.Made of red glass in the shape of flowers.The height is 17cm and the diameter is 21cm.Made by Vandeheg Apeldoorn.Both in great condition...
95.00€ 70.00€ Ex Tax:70.00€
Orange 1970's desk lamp manufactured by Temde Leuchten Germany.Heavy metal base with goose neck.The height is about 43cm and the diameter of the shade is 20cm.In good vintage condition...
75.00€ Ex Tax:75.00€
Cute set by Temde Leuchten Germany.The base is made of wood, the shade is made of some sort of fabric covering a plastic sphere.The height is 20cm, the diameter is 16cm.Both in excellent condition...
125.00€ Ex Tax:125.00€
Ceiling lamp from the 1930's Made of pressed glass, color pastel yellow.With porcelain holder.The height is 18cm, diameter is 16cm.In mint condition...
75.00€ Ex Tax:75.00€
Tiffany style wall lamp.Made of different colors of glass in lead.The height is 22cm, depth is 13cm and width is 20cm.In mint condition...
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Very large and minimalist floorlamp designed by Tommaso Cimini for Lumina Italy.The base has a diameter of 35cm, the pole is 200cm in height.The arm is flexible in height and has a lenght of 104cm.The shade gives up and down light and has a diameter of 23cm.In excellent condition.This article can be..
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Rare Dutch hanging lamp by Van Doorn.Made in 1969.Metal anthracite coloured, with amber cloured glass inlays.The height is 41cm and the diameter is 28cm.The lamp is in good condition, minor signs of age. ..
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Vintage ceiling lamp made of glass and black metal holder.The diameter is 24cm, depth is 11cm.In excellent condition...
45.00€ Ex Tax:45.00€
Ceiling lamp from the 1960's made of clear glass.The holder is plastic black.The height is 15cm, the diameter is 11cm.In excellent condition...
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Vintage floral glass lamp Vintage floral glass lamp
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Hanging lamp made of messing.Flowers and leaves made of thick glass full of air bubbles.The height is 40cm and the diameter about 60cm.A very heavy piece in great condition.ON HOLD..
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Hanging lamp from the sixties.Chrome, wood en glass.The height is 56cm and the diameter is 66cm.The lamp is in very good condition, 1 glass has a minor crack.Please contact us for shipping details..
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