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Pendant designed by Swedish designer Viktor Berndt. Manufactured by Flygsfors. The lamps are made of translucent green/yellow glass partly covered with thin metal. The height of each lamp is 14cm and the diameter is 12cm. The width of the ceiling part is 58cm. Each lamp can hang on di..
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Glashütte Limburg hanging lamp by Tynell en Gantenbrink. Thick bubbled glas on chromed metal mounting. The height is 32cm, and the diameter of the glass is 20cm. Condition is very good, although the edge of the glass that fits in the holder is partly broken, see picture, the lamp can still h..
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Glashütte Limburg lantern made of smoked glass. The mounting is messing. The height and diameter is 25cm. The lamp is in mint condition. ..
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Glashütte Limburg wall lamp set by Tynell en Gantenbrink. Thick bubbled glas on chromed metal mounting. The height is 34cm, width is 13cm and depth is 12cm. Condition is very good, small chips on the edge of the glass (which can't be seen) Price is for the set. ..
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Pendant attributed to Kalmar. Made of 16 glass pieces on a metal frame. The height is 36cm and the diameter is 34cm. The lamp hold 4 lightbulbs. The lamp is in excellent condition. ..
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Glass pendant, green with white on the inside The glass shade ia hanging on a metal ring carried by 3 chains which are adjustable in height. The diameter is 38cm and the height is 30cm. The length of the chains on these pictures is 84cm. The glass is in excellent condition.   ..
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Small pendant made of a gold coloured metal armatuur with brown glass plaques. The height is 34cm and the diameter is 23cm. Condition is excellent. ..
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This wall lamp is made of chuncks of glass melted together. The armature is metal with 3 holes on the top to create a nice light effect. The height is 20cm, width is 16cm and depth is 5,5cm. Condition is mint. ..
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Brass with bubbled gold coloured glass chandelier from the sixties. The height is 63cm and the diameter is 58cm. The glass is in excellent condition, the brass armature has some aging spots. Overall the lamp is in good condition.   ..
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Ceiling lamp attributed to Anvia Almelo.Aluminium gold coloured with glass.The diameter is 35cm and the height is 15cm.The lamp is in excellent condition apart from a little stain on the glass...
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Opaline glass lamp, probably produced by Holmegaard or Peill & Putzler. Beautifull green, more yellow when lit. The height is 30cm and the diameter is 23cm. Condition is mint. 2 lamps available. ..
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Fifties desk lamp designed by H. Busquet for Hala. Metal colour off white / light grey, with flexible arm. The height is about 38cm and the diameter of the shade is 13cm. The lamp is in excelent condition, small dent on the foot.   ..
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