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Beautiful 1960's chandelier manufactured by Doria Leuchten Germany.Made of mouth blown relief glass tubes and glass plate on the bottum.Mounted on a metal frame.The diameter is 40cm, the height of the glass tubes is 13cm.The height to the ceiling is 90cm.In excellent condition, no tubes chipped or b..
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Wall lamp from the 1950's by Doria Leuchten Germany.Green marbled glass with brass mounting.The height is 30cm, width and depth is 9cm.The lamp is in excellent condition for it's age.The brass has some patina.2 minor chips on the side of the lamp, see pictures...
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Yellow desk lamp manufactured in the seventies by Elma Slovenia.The shade is adjustable in height and can tillt.The height is 29cm, width is 14cm and depth is 15cm.In very good condition, minor signs of use...
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Desk lamp manufactured by Fase Spain.Minimalistic design from the eighties.The lamp is made of metal with very nice details in the base and shade.Signs of use show, please see pictures.The lamp is 65x8x40cm..
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Ceiling lamp from the 1950'sMade of frosted white glass with red, yellow and black stripe deco.The holder is bakelite.The height is 20cm and the diameter is 14cm.In excellent condition...
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Fifties table lamp Fifties table lamp
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Cute little table lamp, made of metal with plastic shade.The height is 29cm, diameter is 10cm.The lamp holds a small fitting bulb (E14)In very good condition...
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Space Age floorlamp with 5 flexible arms on a wheeled base.This lamp was originally produced for heat therapy use with red bulbs. Now it can be used with regular large fitting bulbs, each spot can be switched on or of.The height is about 204cm, width is 145cm and depth is 60cm. In good wor..
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Wall lamp from the 1950's Made of brass with plastic ribbed shades.The height is 35cm, width is 30cm and depth is 11cm.In excellent condition.Since there was no wall mounting we made 1 ourselves.The lamp holds 2 bajonet fitting bulbs (incl.)..
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1950's French wall lamp made of acrylic with brass details.The height is 16cm, width is 20cm and depth is 17cm.In great condition, minor patina on the brass might occur.Newly wired.Bajonet fitting, 1 bulb is provided.2 in stock..
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Wall lamp made of metal and frosted glass.The height is 18cm, width is 43cm and depth is 28cm.The lamp has a dimmer switch.In great condition, flea bite on the left edge, see picture. ..
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Celing lamp made of froted white glass with orange and black deco and bakelite holder.The height is 18cm and the diameter is 15cm.In good condition, some wear on the deco, see pictures...
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This is a mirror with fish decor and backlight.The mirror is placed on a hardboard holder with 2 holes to hang the mirror.It holds 1 small fitting bulb (E14)Perhaps it is coming from some Chinese place, since we see a Chinese mark.The height is 40cm, width is 56cm and depth is 5cm.The mirror has som..
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