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Beautiful plexiglass wall light from the seventies.Mostly manufactured by Herda or Dijkstra.The light gives a fantastic light effect on the wall due to the silver topped bulb (not included).The height and width is 20cm, depth is 13cm.In excellent condition. ..
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Pop Art style wall lamp from the 1970's.Plastic shade and metal mounting, brown & white colored.The height is 30cm, width is 21cm and depth is 22cm,In excellent condition. ..
85.00€ Ex Tax:85.00€
Design floorlamp by Francesco Brivio for Lucitalia.The base is made of steel, the shade is made of polycarbonate, partially white.The total height is 163cm, the shade is 27cm and 32cm in diameter.The lamp is in excellent condition, minor signs of age.2  available.This article can be picked up i..
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Stylish floorlamp by Queens Gallery Utrecht.Slate base with purple flower pattern shade.The lamp at it's highest is 185cm.130cm heigh at the knod.The shade is 38x30cm.The shade is adjustable in any direction.The lamp is in very good condition, and has a dimmer. This item can be picked up in our..
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Elegant floor lamp by Queens Gallery Utrecht The base is made of metal and the shade is made of glass, different tones from yellow to burgundy.The shade is tiltable.The height is 200cm, the shade is 40x47cm.In mint condition.This article can be picked up in our shop in Amsterdam...
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Wall sculpture which also operate as light. Made by Raak, designed by Willem van Oyen. What you see is a mirror with pieces of clear uncut glass, the light is shining trough these pieces. The mirror is 30x30cm and the depth of the light is 16cm. Some aging on the mirror.    ..
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Opal glass lamp by Raak Amsterdam.Black metal fixture.The height is 21cm, width is 16cm and depth is 23cm.In great condition, minor marks on the fixture...
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Minimalistic wall lamp designed and manufactured by Raak Amsterdam in the late sixties. Made of black metal and copper tubes. The height is 20cm, width 27,50cm and depth is 15cm. Condition is mint.   ..
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Wall lamp designed by Finish designer Maija Liisa Komulainen for Raak Amsterdam.The height is 60cm, depth is 11cm and width is 9m.The lamp is made of aluminium copper colored.In excellent condition...
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Modern lamp manufactured by Raak.Made of steel and opaline glass.The height of the glass is 28cm and the diameter is 32cm.The total height of the lamp is 40cm and to the ceiling (as on the picture) is 97cm.In great condition.3 available..
125.00€ Ex Tax:125.00€
Wall lamp manufactured in the sixties by Raak Amsterdam.The name of the lamp is Marathon, inspired by the bowl that carries the Olympic fire.The lamp is fully made out of metal.The height is 18cm, depth is 40cm, the diameter of the bowl is 38cm.Some signs of use and age show...
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Pendant made of Venetian crystal glass with striped decor, pink and blue. Produced in 1987-1988. The height is 22cm and the diameter is 36cm. Condition is mint. ..
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