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Stylish floorlamp by Queens Gallery Utrecht. Black foot with antracite metallic UFO shade. The lamp at it's highest is 195cm. 135cm heigh at the knod. The diameter of the shade is 32cm. The shade is adjustable in any direction. The lamp is in very good condition, little damage at the edge, see..
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Glass hanging lamp designed by Finnish glass designer Nanny Still. Manufactured by Raak Amsterdam. The colour is difficult to define, the closest would be sand. The height is 29cm and the diameter at the largest point is 19cm. Condition is mint. ..
175.00€ Ex Tax:175.00€
Wall sculpture which also operate as light. Made by Raak, designed by Willem van Oyen. What you see is a mirror with pieces of clear uncut glass, the light is shining trough these pieces. The mirror is 30x30cm and the depth of the light is 16cm. Some aging on the mirror.    ..
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Minimalistic wall lamp designed and manufactured by Raak Amsterdam in the late sixties. Made of black metal and copper tubes. The height is 20cm, width 27,50cm and depth is 15cm. Condition is mint.   ..
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Wall lamp designed in the sixties by Frank Ligtelijn for Raak Amsterdam.Chrome holder with smoked glass sphere.Depth is 30cm, the diameter of the sphere is 22cm.The lamp is in mint condition...
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Set of 3 hanging lamps by Raak Amsterdam. Made of glass and metal. The height of each lamp is 12cm and 15cm at it's largest. All 3 lamps are in mint condition. Selling as set     ..
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Wall light made by Raak Amsterdam. It is made of opalescent glass with a copper coloured cover. The height is 32cm and the diameter is 13.50cm Two available. Condition is very good.   ..
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Raak pendant made of thick plastic in original condition. The height is 30cm and the diameter is 50cm. Adjustable in height with the pulling device, unfortunately not looking pretty anymore. We can replace it on request for € 20,- Condition of the lamp is very good. ..
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Pendant made of Venetian crystal glass with striped decor, pink and blue. Produced in 1987-1988. The height is 22cm and the diameter is 36cm. Condition is mint. ..
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Wall lamp designed in the seventies by Frank Ligtelijn for Raak Amsterdam. Chrome bow with clear glass sphere. The bow is 100cm long, the diameter of the sphere is 23cm and the reach of the bow is 90cm. In very good condition, small chip on the edge of the glass.   ..
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Raak Amsterdam pendant. Milky glass with chrome top. The diameter is 29cm. Condition is mint. ..
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White spot with clip made by Raak Amsterdam. The length of the spot is 15cm diameter is 7,5cm. Condition is mint.   ..
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