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Pendant lamps

Pendant lamps
Lamp from the fifties by Aloys Gangkofner.Made of clear glass with a white and violet swirl.The height is 34cm and the diameter in the middle is 14cm.The lamp has a little fleabite on the edge and some scratches, please see pictures...
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Lamp from the 1930 made of brown marbled glass.The shade is hanging on 3 chains.The height to the ceiling is 45cm, the diameter is 40cm and the height of the lamp is 13cm.In excellent condition...
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Bieffeplast hanging lamp Bieffeplast hanging lamp
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Design lamp from the eighties by Rodney Kinsman for Bieffeplast Italy.Made of metal colour grey.Adjustable in height with the ingenious cord system.The shade is 52x52cm and the height as on the picture is 115cm.The lamp is in excellent condition, minor signs of age...
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Metal hanging lamp from the fifties, probably produced by Philips.White shade with mini perforations.The height is 40cm and the diameter is 36cm.The lamp in in excellent condition...
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Hanging lamp made of black metal and white glass.The height is adjustable.The diameter is 47cm and height is 30cm.The lamp is in great condition...
75.00€ Ex Tax:75.00€
Hanging lamp, attributed to Sciolari Italy.Quality metal with perforations and plexiglass.The height of each cylinder is 37cm, the diameter is 7cm.Each cylinder can hang on other heights.The lamp is in great conditionOne of the plexi rounds has a fleabite and there is a scratch on the black metal ce..
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Unusual ceiling lamp, made of copper coloured metal and glass. The diameter is 40cm and the height is 25cm. In excellent condition. ..
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Charleston style chandelier Charleston style chandelier
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Beautiful chandelier made of brass and glass.The height is 75cm, diameter is 36cm.In great condition, though missing a couple rows (2/3)This is a pick up article...
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Glass hanging lamp white with nice details. The total height is 55cm, the glass height is 30cm and the diameter is 12cm. In excellent condition. ..
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Fifties hanging lamp Fifties hanging lamp
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Hanging lamp attributed to Philips.Made of glass with white structure and wooden fixture.The height is 21cm, diameter is 17cm.The lamp is in perfect condition...
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Hanging lamp attributed to Louis Kalff.White satin glass with plastic black top.The height is 22cm, width is 26cm.The lamp is in excellent condition...
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Large hanging lamp, glass with wood and copper.The height as on the picture is 80cm, width is 50cm.Each lamp is 17x21cm.The lamp is in very good condition, patina on the copper...
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