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Pendant lamps

Pendant lamps
Hanging lamp, attributed to Sciolari Italy.Quality metal with perforations and plexiglass.The height of each cylinder is 37cm, the diameter is 7cm.Each cylinder can hang on other heights.The lamp is in great conditionOne of the plexi rounds has a fleabite and there is a scratch on the black metal ce..
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Stylish chandelier made of brass and glass.The height is 74cm and the diameter is 60cm.The lamp is in very good condition, minor patina.This article can be picked up in our store in Amsterdam. ..
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Vintage lamp made of wood, gold colored metal and glass.The height is 33cm, diameter is 75cm.In good condition, some signs of age / color loss...
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Glass hanging lamp white with nice details. The total height is 55cm, the glass height is 30cm and the diameter is 12cm. In excellent condition. ..
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Beautifull pendant, made of clear structured hand blown glass.The sphere is 30cm in diameter.The little metal pipe on top is 14cm.In perfect condition, except for a little chip on the edge of the sphere, see picture...
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Beautiful 1960's chandelier manufactured by Doria Leuchten Germany.Made of mouth blown relief glass tubes and glass plate on the bottum.Mounted on a metal frame.The diameter is 40cm, the height of the glass tubes is 13cm.The height to the ceiling is 90cm.In excellent condition, no tubes chipped or b..
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Flying Saucer hanging lamp Flying Saucer hanging lamp
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Space Age hanging lamp made of white perspex.Hanging on 3 chains made of connected balls.The diameter is 60cm, the height of the lamp is 28cm and the height to the ceiling, as on the pictures, is 90cm.In excellent condition, 1 little plastic holder was replaced, please see pictures...
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Lamp made of chrome and glass slats with a cut in pattern.The height is 35cm and the diameter is 26cm.The lamp is in very good condition...
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Hanging lamp made of clear black glass.The height is 36cm, the diameter is 13cm.In mint condition...
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Pendant attributed to Kalmar. Made of 16 glass pieces on a metal frame. The height is 36cm and the diameter is 34cm. The lamp hold 4 lightbulbs. The lamp is in excellent condition. ..
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Handmade hanging lamp from the fifties.Glass with pewter.The height is 30cm, diameter is 34cm.In mint condition.We have a matching wall lamp...
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Lamp from the sixties designed and manufactured by Harvery Guzzini Italy.Diabolo shaped shade made of steel, white on the indide to reflect the light.Chromed on the outside.With matching ceiling cover.The height is 17cm, diameter is 35cm.In excellent condition.Excluding silver topped bulb...
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