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Pendant lamps

Pendant lamps
Hanging lamp made of brass and glass with black and yellow decorations.The height is 30cm.The lamp holds 1 E27 bulb...
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Pendant designed by Swedish designer Viktor Berndt. Manufactured by Flygsfors. The lamps are made of translucent green/yellow glass partly covered with thin metal. The height of each lamp is 14cm and the diameter is 12cm. The width of the ceiling part is 58cm. Each lamp can hang on di..
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Large design bulb by Studio Lamperti Italy.Manufactured in the 1970.The bulb is glass and the spiral is metal.The lamp is adjustable in height, the lowest is 170cm.The height of the lamp (bulb and spiral) is 52cm and the diameter of the bulb is 30cm.In perfect condition...
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Lamp made of chrome and glass slats with a cut in pattern.The height is 35cm and the diameter is 26cm.The lamp is in very good condition...
125.00€ Ex Tax:125.00€
Vintage light made of glass, creme coloured, with golden stripes.The height is 17cm, diameter is 30cm.The glass is in mint condition, the gold stripes are a little faded...
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Pendant attributed to Kalmar. Made of 16 glass pieces on a metal frame. The height is 36cm and the diameter is 34cm. The lamp hold 4 lightbulbs. The lamp is in excellent condition. ..
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Opaline glass lamp.The height is 30cm and the width is 22cm.The lamp is in good condition.On the edge it looks like there is a chip, actually it is a mistake between the glass layers, please see pictures ..
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Handmade hanging lamp from the fifties.Glass with pewter.The height is 30cm, diameter is 34cm.In mint condition.We have a matching wall lamp...
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Hanging lamp with iridescent glass and metal.The height is 20cm, diameter is 28cm.Condition is mint ..
45.00€ Ex Tax:45.00€
Pendant designed in 1963 by Jo Hammerborg. Manufactured by Fog & Morup, Denmark Aluminium shade with black layer and orange on the inside. The height is 43cm and the diameter is 23cm. Condition is very good.   ..
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Beautiful large lamp manufactured by Kalmar Franken.Thick white glass shade by Murano Italy.The diameter is 63cm and the height is 20cm.The chrome fixtures showes some wear, glass is in mint condition...
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Space Age hanging lamp by Kazuo Motozawa for Staff Germany.Metal orange cone shaped shade with chrome details.The height is 30cm, the diameter is 40cm.The lamp is in good condition, a scratch and small dent is showing, please see pictures...
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