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Pendant lamps

Pendant lamps
Glass multicolour marbled pendant. The diameter of the sphere is 30cm. The armature is 60cm and is extendable to about 110cm. The lamp is in mint condition. ..
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Brown / gold metallic metal pendant. The diameter is 46cm and the height is 25cm. In excellent condition.   ..
95.00€ Ex Tax:95.00€
Pendant made by Peill & Putzler in 1972. Very thick glass translucent, white and caramel coloured. The top is metal, black. The height is 33cm and the diameter on the widest part is 35cm. Condition is mint. ..
350.00€ Ex Tax:350.00€
Sixties lamp made by Peill & Putzler. The glass is very thick and caramel of colour with a metal golden mount. The diameter is 25cm and the height is 30cm. 3 lamps available, all NOS (new old stock).   ..
185.00€ Ex Tax:185.00€
Brand: Apple
Hanging lamp manufactured in the sixties by Philips.The model of this lamp is NT63 E/00Violet glass with black metal perforated cylinder in the middelThe height of the lamp is 27cm, the diameter is 30cm.In perfect condition...
235.00€ Ex Tax:235.00€
Iconic lamp designed in the fifties by Louis Kalff for Philips.This model is NB92 and is pastel yellow coloured.The lamp can either hang or can be fixed directly on the ceiling.Completely original and in excellent condition.The diameter is 48cm and the height is 23cm...
325.00€ Ex Tax:325.00€
Hanging lamp by Queens Gallery Utrecht.Beautifull green and black metal with gloss.Asymmetrical shade wich is adaptable.The height is 43cm, the shade is 43x33cmThe lamp is in good condition, minor damage on the shade, see pictures...
95.00€ Ex Tax:95.00€
Hanging lamp by Queens Gallery Utrecht.Beautifull green and black metal with gloss.Round shade wich is adaptable.The height is 40cm, diameter of the shade is 33cmThe lamp is in excellent condition...
95.00€ Ex Tax:95.00€
Pendant made of Venetian crystal glass with striped decor, pink and blue. Produced in 1987-1988. The height is 22cm and the diameter is 36cm. Condition is mint. ..
375.00€ Ex Tax:375.00€
Hanging lamp from the fifties.Metal white and red with glass diffuser.The height is 20cm and the diameter is 38cm.The lamp is in excellent condition, minor signs of age on the red, please see picture.The lamp holds 1 E27 bulb...
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Hanging light designed by Goffredo Reggiani and manufactured in the seventies.The shade is minty / silver witch chrome, has a diameter of 34cm and a height of 30cm.Usermarks, such as scratches and a couple dents.Kindly check all pictures carefully...
145.00€ Ex Tax:145.00€
Geometric hanging lamp designed in the sixties by Ole Panton.Manufactured by Lyfa Denmark.The height is 25cm, width 22,5cm.The lamp has some signs of age, please check pictures...
345.00€ Ex Tax:345.00€
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