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Pendant lamps

Pendant lamps
Large sphere made of acryl, the top is blue.The inside is made of metal and holds 6 bulbs.Diameter is 45cm.The lamp is adjustable in height by it's pulling devise.Signs of use on the sphere, please check pictures, hard to see on the pictures...
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Space Age trio Space Age trio
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Beautiful UFO hanging lamp made of 3 metal spheres, gold with silver rings.Each sphere is 14x18cm.The height as shown on the picture is 90cm.The ceiling plate has a diameter of 33cm.Tha lamp is in excellent condition, minor signs of use / age.On hold..
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Aluminium with glass pendant made by Staff Leuchten. The height is 27,5cm and the diameter is 14cm. The lamp is in good condition, some minor user marks showing.2 available. ..
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Hanging lamp made of copper and cristals.A great combination of steampunk and classic.The height is 36cm and the diameter is 31cm.The lamp is in excellent condition, some hanging cristals have small chips...
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Rare Danish hanging lamp designed by Svend Aage Holm Sorensen.Metal anthracite coloured, with amber cloured glass inlays.The height is 41cm and the diameter is 28cm.The lamp is in good condition, minor signs of age. ..
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Sixties hanging lamp by Tappital Italy.Brushed and chromed steel with 4 glass shades.The height in total is 56cm, the lamp is 43cm wide.The lamp is in excellent condition...
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Orange opaline glass lamp by Targetti Sankey Italy.The height is 32cm, diameter is 17cm.The lamp is in excellent condition.Minor air bubble in between the glass layers that gives a little dark spot, see pictues with the circles ..
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Sixties hanging lamp made of red copper, glass and teak. The diameter of the lamp is 54cm, the glass is 12x12cm. Condition of the lamp is excellent. ..
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Italian opaline glass lamp. The colour on the outside is yellow. The top of the lamp and the ceiling part is made of metal. The height is 45cm and the diameter is 29cm. Condition is mint. ..
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Hanging lamp from the late fifties.Milk glass with brass and wood.Some patina on the brass.The height is 32cm, width 27cm and depth is 18cm.The lamp is in overal good condition...
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White metal hanging light from the sixties.The height is 30cm, the diameter is 45cm.The lamp is in very good condition, minor signs of age, see pictures...
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Hanging lamp from the sixties.Chrome, wood en glass.The height is 56cm and the diameter is 66cm.The lamp is in very good condition, 1 glass has a minor crack.Please contact us for shipping details..
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