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Pendant lamps

Pendant lamps
Rare Dutch hanging lamp by Van Doorn.Made in 1969.Metal anthracite coloured, with amber cloured glass inlays.The height is 41cm and the diameter is 28cm.The lamp is in good condition, minor signs of age. ..
285.00€ Ex Tax:285.00€
Vintage light attributed to Kinkeldey, Germany.Metal frame with 18 crystal plates devided over 2 rows.The lamp holds 6 small fittings and 1 large.The height is 60cm and the diameter is 46cm.In excellent condition, patina on the metal...
550.00€ Ex Tax:550.00€
Hanging lamp from the sixties.Chrome, wood en glass.The height is 56cm and the diameter is 66cm.The lamp is in very good condition, 1 glass has a minor crack.Please contact us for shipping details..
165.00€ Ex Tax:165.00€
Hanging lamp from the 1960'sMade of glass with many air bubbles, probably Murano made.Metal fixture.The height is 45cm and diameter is 30cm.The pictures are made with a clear and a silver topped bulb, see the difference...
345.00€ Ex Tax:345.00€
Hanging lamp made of white metal and white glass.The diameter is 48cm and height is 40cm.The lamp is in great condition...
95.00€ Ex Tax:95.00€
Minimalistic hanging lamp made of thick white plastic.With pulling device to adjust the height.The diameter is 40cm, the height of the lamp is 31cm.In good condition,..
60.00€ Ex Tax:60.00€
Hanging lamp manufactured in the 1980's by Pruluce in Vicenza Italy.Very large dome made of metal with perforated roof.The color is off-white.The diameter is 65cm and the height is 20cm.There is a little "restored" damage on the edge, please see picture.This article can be picked up in our store in ..
325.00€ Ex Tax:325.00€
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