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Ceiling lamps

Ceiling lamps
Large ceiling lamp made of glass and brass.The glass shade has different tones of brown and has a diameter of 66cm.The glass has a little crack hidden under the brass rosette, see pictures.The height from the ceiling is 30cm.This article can be picked up in our store in Amsterdam...
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Unusual ceiling lamp, made of copper coloured metal and glass. The diameter is 40cm and the height is 25cm. In excellent condition. ..
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Pulsa eighties ceiling lamp, made by Prisma Italy. Frosted glass with black plastic. The diameter is 35cm and the depth is 15cm. The lamp holds 1 E27 light bulb. The lamp is in excellent condition. ..
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Ceiling lamp manufactured by Dijkstra.Metalholder brown with smoked bubble glass.The height is 23cm, the diameter is 38cm.Small damage on the holder, see pictures...
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Ceiling lamp from the 1950's.White glass shade with gold and red details.The diameter is 50cm, the height is 17cm.The lamp is holding 2 bulbs and is in excellent condition...
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Funky ceiling lamp white Funky ceiling lamp white
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Ceiling lamp made of white bakelite and white glass.The lamp is 17x17cm, depth is 17cm.In mint condition...
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Opaline glass lamp.The height is 30cm and the width is 22cm.The lamp is in good condition.On the edge it looks like there is a chip, actually it is a mistake between the glass layers, please see pictures ..
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Ceiling light made of thick glass and gold tone metal fixture.The diameter is 37cm and the height is 15cm.The lamp holds 3 bulbs.In excellent condition...
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Ceiling lamp from the 1950's, probably by Napako Czechoslovakia.White glass shade with black decor.The diameter is 55cm, the height is 25cm.The lamp is holding 3 bulbs (not included) and is in excellent condition...
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Beautifull large ceiling lamp from the sixties, manufactured by Philips.The metal fixure holds the thick glass in place with 3 pins.The diameter is 33cm, depth is 13cm.In mint condition...
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Thabur Art Deco ceiling lamp Thabur Art Deco ceiling lamp
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Ceiling lamp from the 1930's Made of pressed glass, color beige.With bakelite fixture.The height is 18cm, diameter is 15cm.In mint condition...
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Wagenfeld ceiling lamp Wagenfeld ceiling lamp
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Bauhaus ceiling light designed by Wilhelm Wagenfeld for Lindner. Made of glass with porcelain fixture. This lamp is model type 6002. The height is 21cm, diameter is 16cm. Some scratched on the glass, please see pictures...
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