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Fifties bracelet designed by Aksel Holmsen, Norwegian silversmith.Silver with enamel.Stamped on the back 925S Norne.Bracelet with security chain.The enamel has some wear, please check pictures.The bracelet is about 17cm. ..
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Hand made porcelain sculpture, from the 1980's Pink / fuchsia and gold glaze.The height is 18cm, width 12cm, depth 9cm.In good condition, no cracks or chips, some scratches on the glaze...
45.00€ Ex Tax:45.00€
Ceramic clock made in the seventies. Battery operated. Height is 32cm, width 29cm, depth 7cm Condition is mint.   ..
60.00€ 40.00€ Ex Tax:40.00€
Table from the 1970's made of wood and smoked glass.The table is 130x60cm, the height is 32cm.The glass has some user mark.This article can be picked up in our store in Amsterdam only...
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Fifties hanging mirror Fifties hanging mirror
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Folding mirror from the 1950's with wood look formica shelf.The height is 41cm, width 45cm and depth is 17cm.The mirror is in excellent condition.Probably it once had a drawer.ON HOLD..
50.00€ Ex Tax:50.00€
Handmade ceramic Mobach vase Handmade ceramic Mobach vase
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Small ceramic vase by Mobach.This vase is different from every angle.The height is 12cm, width is 10,5cm and depth is 6,5cm.In mint condition...
29.50€ Ex Tax:29.50€
Clock from the seventies.Made of wood and enamel.Battery opperating.The height is 58cm, width is 30cm.In excellent condition...
65.00€ Ex Tax:65.00€
Ceramic clock made by Kaiser West Germany.Off white porcelain, brass and glass.The height is 20cm, width 22cm and depth 7cm.Incl the key to wind up.In good and working condition...
45.00€ Ex Tax:45.00€
Kosta Boda Atoll white candle holder Kosta Boda Atoll white candle holder
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White candle holder designed by Anna Ehrner for Kosta Boda Sweden.The diameter is 11,5cm and the height is 6cm.The glass is in mint condition.Including original box. ..
35.00€ Ex Tax:35.00€
Cobalt blue glass vase designed by Lars Hellsten for Skruf Sweden.The height is 17,5cm, width is 12,5cm, depth is 6,5cm.We have 3 of these vases available, all in mint condition...
17.50€ Ex Tax:17.50€
Cobalt blue glass vase designed by Lars Hellsten for Skruf Sweden in the 1960.The height is 24,5cm, diameter is 11,5cm.The vase is in mint condition...
17.50€ Ex Tax:17.50€
Chrome plated magazine rack, designed by Willi Glaeser for TMP (Thomas Merlo & Partner)38x28x34cm.In good condition, signs of use and restauration...
95.00€ Ex Tax:95.00€
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