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Brand Alpina Type M56 Period Eighties Inside arm width 145mm Arm length 135mm Glasses (HXW) 47x75mm Frame colour Gold coloured metal Arms colour Gold coloured metal ..
325.00€ Ex Tax:325.00€
Brand Carrera Type 5426 ultrasight Period Nineties Inside arm width 136mm Arm length 105mm Glasses (HXW) 43x55mm Frame colour Tortoise Arms colour Tortoise Lens..
150.00€ Ex Tax:150.00€
            Brand Carrera Type 5532 Period Nineties, Made in Austria Inside arm width 132mm Arm length 120mm Glasses (HxW) 39x..
175.00€ Ex Tax:175.00€
Brand Christian Lacroix Type 7319 Period Seventies Inside arm with 150mm Arm length 135mm Glasses (HxW) 48x56mm Frame colour Plastic brown tortoise   with Optyl and go..
160.00€ Ex Tax:160.00€
Brand Ray-Ban Type W1437 Innerview Period - Inside arm width 135mm Arm length 140mm Glasses (HxW) 35x54mm Frame colour Yellow tortoise Arms colour Yellow tortoise ..
125.00€ Ex Tax:125.00€
Brand Rodenstock Type Isis Period Seventies Inside arm width 142mm Arm length 115mm Glasses (HxW) 50x55mm Front frame colour Dark blue plastic with mounted chrome plated metal ..
175.00€ Ex Tax:175.00€
Brand Saphira Type - Period Seventies made in Germany Inside arm width 130mm Arm length 120mm Glasses (HxW) 54x58mm Frame colour Orange-green gradient with Optyl Arms colour ..
175.00€ Ex Tax:175.00€
Brand Silhouette Type 3032 Period Eigthies Inside arm with 137mm Arm length 100mm Glasses (HxW) 52x57mm Frame colour Creme white Arms colour Creme white Lens co..
150.00€ Ex Tax:150.00€
Brand Silhouette Type 8016 Period Eighties Inside arm width 143mm Arm length 106mm Glasses (HxW) 49x66mm Frame colour Green and gold Arms colour Gold, green and pink ..
165.00€ Ex Tax:165.00€
Brand Vuarnet Type Skilynx Glacier Period Eighties Inside arm width 138mm Arm length 110mm Glasses (HxW) 47x55mm Frame colour Black nylon, with black leather side blinkers Arms..
150.00€ Ex Tax:150.00€
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