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Hand made porcelain sculpture, from the 1980's Pink / fuchsia and gold glaze.The height is 18cm, width 12cm, depth 9cm.In good condition, no cracks or chips, some scratches on the glaze...
45.00€ Ex Tax:45.00€
Handmade lamp made of ceramic, natural sand colour.The height is 19cm, the diameter is 26cm.The lamp is in mint condition...
45.00€ 35.00€ Ex Tax:35.00€
Table lamp from the seventies made of ceramic.Orange, bown and copper colored glaze.The height of the base is 40cm, the diameter is 22cm.The height including the (not original) shade is 76cm.The lamp holds a large fitting on top and a small fitting inside.In mint condition. ..
85.00€ Ex Tax:85.00€
1970's wall or table lamp made of ceramic.The height and width is 26cm, depth is 8cm.The lamp is in mint condition.Comes without bulb. ..
50.00€ Ex Tax:50.00€
Ceramic clock made by Kienzle.Off white and brown colored.The height is 20cm, width 21,5cm and depth 5cm.Incl the key to wind up.In good and working condition, small chip on the right...
45.00€ Ex Tax:45.00€
Vintage ceramic display head made by Royal Crown.The height is 27cm.In excellent condition...
75.00€ Ex Tax:75.00€
Wall plate made of ceramic by Ruscha Germany.The diameter is 28,5cm.In mint condition...
47.50€ Ex Tax:47.50€
Rare vase made of ceramic with green glaze and unusual decor.The model is 1422 and the height is 30cm.In mint condition...
45.00€ Ex Tax:45.00€
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